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Bonsai Basic B4Me


  • Tác giả: Harry
  • Ngôn ngữ: Tiếng Anh
  • Số trang: 206


Bonsai Basics Introduction
Chapter 1 An Introduction To Bonsai
Chapter 2 Starting Out In Bonsai
Chapter 3 Indoor Bonsai
Chapter 4 Growing Bonsai Outdoors
Chapter 5 Watering Your Bonsai
Chapter 6 Bonsai Tools
Chapter 7 The Importance Of Timing In Bonsai
Chapter 8 Improving Mallsai/Mass-Produced Bonsai
Chapter 9 An Introduction to Bonsai Soils
Chapter 10 Why Repotting is Essential to Bonsai
Chapter 11 When To Repot Your Bonsai
Chapter 12 A Photo-guide to Repotting
Repotting a Large Privet Bonsai
Chapter 13 Bare-rooting A Bonsai
Repotting and Bare-Rooting a Collected Privet Bonsai
Chapter 14 Fertilising Your Bonsai
Chapter 15 Maintenance Pruning 1-Apical Growth
Chapter 16 Maintenance Pruning 2-Pinching Out Deciduous Bonsai
Chapter 17 Maintenance Pruning 3-Pruning Decidous and Coniferous
Chapter 18 Styling:The Basic Forms of Bonsai
Styling: A Guide to Bonsai Styling and Critique
Chapter 19 Wiring
Chapter 20 Repairing Snapped Branches
Chapter 21 Propagation
Propagating From Seed
Bonsai From Cuttings
Chapter 22 Developing Nursery Stock into Bonsai
Chapter 23 A Basic Guide to Pests and Diseases That Affect Bonsai
Chapter 24 Species Guides
Buxus/ Boxwood Bonsai
Ficus/ Fig Bonsai
Juniperus/ Juniper Bonsai
Ligustrum/ Privet Bonsai
Olea/ Olive Bonsai
Sageretia theezans/ Chinese Bird Plum Bonsai
Serissa foetida/ Tree of a Thousand Stars or Serissa Bonsai
Ulmus/ Elm Bonsai
Zelkova/ Elm Bonsai
Chapter 25 Glossary of Bonsai Terms
Chapter 26 Glossary of Japanese Bonsai Terms
Final Message